Business Outline

  • General Wholesale Clothing

    A B-to-B business that sells apparel, sundries, interior goods, etc. to registered stores such as clothing stores, specialty stores, chain stores, and EC shops nationwide using Proroute Marumitsu stores (Osaka), online stores, apps, and tools such as SNS.

    General Wholesale Clothing web site
  • Beauty business

    Sales expansion and promotion of MAKARIZO hair energy products, LYSD'OR products, HADATOIRO products, etc. in domestic and overseas markets, and development and domestic deployment of cosmetics

  • Healthcare business

    Operation of “Mirairo Cafe”

  • Platform Development

    B to B platform developmen

  • D2C brand business

    In order to respond to changes in the business environment, in addition to the traditional wholesale business, we have developed a direct sales model that sells directly to customers.

  • Brand product business

    Development of original brands such as coill-nine,as well as OEM/ODM business that leverages our extensive track record and know-how in apparel.