Message from the CEO

In times when all sorts “climate”; whether they be the economic climate, social climate, and even the weather have confronted us with rapid social changes, Proroute Marumitsu proving through flexibility, has endeavored to meet these challenges to not only keep up, but accelerate through each and every challenge in a timely manner.

This year marks the 120th anniversary of our founding. With humility we have strived to capture the values of the company that have brought us this far, and at the same time we continue to deepen the relationships with others while continuing to create ideas of high value. We humbly thank everyone for your patronage and look to your continued support to guide us through whatever the future may bring.

CEO, Proroute Marumitsu Corporation
Hirofumi Morimoto

Business Outline

  • General Wholesale Clothing

    A B-to-B business that sells apparel, sundries, interior goods, etc. to registered stores such as clothing stores, specialty stores, chain stores, and EC shops nationwide using Proroute Marumitsu stores (Osaka and Fukuoka), online stores, apps, and tools such as SNS.

    General Wholesale Clothing web site
  • Beauty Care

    Sales expansion and promotion of CALATAS brand products, MAKARIZO hair energy products, etc. in domestic and overseas markets, and development and domestic deployment of cosmetics

  • Healthcare

    From our Covid-19 Antibody Detection Kit to the easy to use Blood Collection Kit, providing a Total Solution package which includes online consultation with medical professionals

    Micro Blood Science Inc. web site
  • OEM ・ ODM Promotions

    A business that provides a one-stop service for transactions from planning and production to sales for influencers who want to create original brands for retailers or launch D2C brands, by consolidating all kinds of information and technology with brains from Japan and overseas.

  • Platform Development

    B to B platform development

  • Retail Business

    Development of BtoC business at subsidiary Sunmar Inc.

  • Entertainment Sector

    Our subsidiary Sanko Advance deals in live performance promotional goods in addition to artist-branding related goods and development